5 Musts for Selling Your Home in New Jersey with Jordan M. Fishman ( RealtorJordanF)

1. Market Your Value

Listing with a realtor means tapping into greater channels to reach buyers. The best home sales go to the ones who communicate their home value most. With videography, 3D Virtual Tours, MLS updates, social media marketing, you can increase your resourcefulness and find a ready and willing buyer.
They say a picture says thousand words, so make sure your realtor hires a quality photographer and stager to ensure your home looks its best. A home’s charm factor skyrockets with the right touch.

2. Fear in the Face of Inspection

Any home old or new will come with a laundry list of issues. Be prepared to disclose what you know for sure to the realtor in your Seller’s Disclosure. You can build this into the selling price and account for any objections your buyer may have once inspections are complete.
Honesty mitigates hold-ups, and openness creates a fair transaction. Selling your home means valuing it to reflect its current condition now and its possible value in the future. Truthfulness will help you and your realtor get passed inspection hurdles and allay your fears.

3. Permits Now & Past

Is your new home sporting any new renovations or old ones? Some jobs require a permit depending on the extent of the work. Unless stated in the deed, you are responsible for any and all changes to the home past or otherwise while you own the home. Make sure the home as it stands checks out alright and that any permits are accounted for before the sale.

4. Present a Preapproval

A Buyer must have proof of funds, either in the form of a bank statement or a preapproval from a mortgage specialist. Any offer without either one is barely worth considering. A Buyer must be ready, willing, and able, and your realtor can help you understand your situation better.

5. Keep Your Distance

We want to create a win-win for both you and your Buyer. To do so, it is better to let
your real estate, finance, and law professionals move the sale along while you prepare to
move. At an arm’s length from your Buyer, you can cooperate and schedule what’s vital to
the sale—and avoid any discomfort negotiating terms.


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