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Private Lending With Jordan

When you Invest Money in Real Estate In New Jersey , A private money loan is a loan that is given to a real estate investor, secured by real estate. Private money investors are given a first or second mortgage that secures their legal interest in the property and secures their investment. When Fine Home Solutions has identified a home that is well under market value, we give our private lenders an opportunity to fund the purchase and rehab of the home. Through that process, you the lender can yield extremely high interest rates – 4 or 5 times the rates you can get on bank CD’s and other traditional investment plans.


The average person does not consider themselves an investor, however if they have money sitting in a traditional bank account or a 401k and/or IRA, then they are an investor. Is this you? Are you satisfied with the low returns that you are getting on your traditional investments? Are you looking to diversify your portfolio? Let us show you how you can secure low risk – high return investments through private lending opportunities.

Most people think that an IRA can only be used to purchase investments, like stocks and mutual funds. But that’s not true! You can get private mortgage loans using the funds which are already in your IRA’S and other retirement plans. Mortgages offer the banks solid, long-term, fixed returns. When you invest with us, you can put yourself in the position of the bank by directing your investment capital, including retirement funds to well-secured short term real estate mortgages. Mortgages have ultimate safety because if default occurs, the bank (you) can recover its investment as the first lien holder on the property.

Tell us your investment goals, and we’ll help you build a real estate investment plan that will help you reach them. When you invest with us, your money is secured by a mortgage or deed of trust and we’ll provide you with 100% transparency in the process.


You, as the private lender can invest money in Real Estate in New Jersey Safe And Secure! A real estate mortgage/ deed of trust provides you with secure instruments you would not get with other investments. You also have added layers of protection because of how we buy, and because you have recourse available to you in case we were to default on the loan.

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